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What is the Cookie permission that is displayed on the opening screen?

By law there has to be a cookie permission notice for you to accept or not. Broadway Church itself doesn't collect data from anyone yet. If there comes a time that we do then it will only be name and email address. Read 'Show details' on the Cookies.

Google may collect data from visitors. Just accept 'Use necessary cookies only' for the important cookies only. Some cookies are useful as when you visit my page it puts a little file on your computer/phone so when you revisit the page it doesn't keep downloading the files, hence it makes it quicker to load and navigate the pages. You shouldn't see this displayed again unless you clear your website data and cookies.

As I update the website regularly you may need to do this on a regular basis. Only clear the data if a page is not displaying correctly.



The magazine will now be on line only. (pdf format - Adobe Reader or Microsoft Edge browser will open the files.


Printing magazine

Contact for correct pdf file


Change of domain name

The Broadway website can be reached at either or


Page not displayed correctly

If you see lots of writing over screen with no order you will need to delete the cache on your web browser. For example on iPhones and iPads you need to go to phone settings, Safari, 'Clear History and Website Data' This also clears all cookies and history on your phone so its worth doing anyway!


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